Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Happy Holiday... Happy Voting...

Morning Friends,
Enjoy the holiday today... and hope you use your voice in the legislative election today... 
It's interesting to see how candidates promoted their figures during the campaign period. Once I received an envelope at my home from a candidate showing her as candidate of a party and her promises if she is elected in legislation. On the streets we could see many posters of the candidates with their very short "promotion taglines". I received some messages on my mobile phone from some candidates mentioning their parties and asked me to vote them...
The today legislative election is very interesting as some parties have unique figures, e.g.: Jokowi, Prabowo, Ical, Surya Paloh, Wiranto, etc. The first two figures are the most strongest figures that will boost their parties' voice. The first one is a civilian, the other one is an ex military officer. The first one has no negative records during his service for the country, the other one has some issues related to "high profile" military and political situation in the past. Let's see which party will be on the first position.  
So, don't forget to go to the polling station, give your voice for a "Better Indonesia"...
Don't rely on the "impression" and their promises only...
Happy voting!

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Importance of First Impression...

As you know we had member gathering on March 29, 2014 at Coffee Club, Pacific place, Jakarta, then followed by visiting @america located at the same 3rd floor of the mall. Interesting to hear from friends who joined the visit. Most of them visited @america for the first time. They were impressed with how @america equipped by hi-tech stuffs has been used by US embassy to promote America.
To me, it's my fourth visit. My first impression on @america in my first visit is considered the most "wow!!!..." impression since I've never seen the (similar) place before.

So, bring the a good impression to your potential customers as it might lead them to be your loyal customers...

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Thank You for the Nice Gathering: The 8th Sales-MarketingGroup Annual Gathering

Dear Friends,

Sorry for giving my comments now. 
I need to respond to those writing comments on our gathering here:

Dear Maria,

Thanks for your sharing. I am happy to hear that you have a good position in your new job related to your educational background. Thanks for the compliments...

Dear Pak Iron,

It's really great to hear your testimony that Sales-MarketingGroup has given a big influence to your personal development as well as your professional career. I do hope our positive sharing in our forum would give positive impact to many members, both the active and the passive members.

Dear Pak Dewo,

Thanks for the compliment. We are waiting for some pictures from your new camera...

Dear Pak Budi,

It's pity you could not join the gathering. Hope to see you in our next annual event.
Your son is studying in Singapore?

Dear Pak Selamat,

Thanks for your sharing during the gathering and of course your sharing here on-line. You deserved for the 1st contributor last year. Please keep sharing for networking. 

Dear Alwyn,

Thanks for your presence in the event and we are happy to hear your new business. Hope it would be successful!

Dear Pak Harianto,

Thanks for your interesting sharing on TOEIC. I bet everybody wants to be like you: very independent in time for working... and successful!

Dear Pak Priya,

Thanks for your active contribution on the gathering. Hope "ceade" printing more successful ya Pak...

Special thanks to our sponsors: Pak Chandra Irawan (ATRIA Hotel & Conference Magelan),  Pak Fajar (METRODATA), Pak Priyalinov (CEADE Printing) and Pak J Sofian Lusa (

We missed Pak Chandra and Pak Sofian in our gathering event, also missed others who usually never absent in our annual gatherings. May we see you all guys next year.

Thanks a lot to those mentioning getting real benefits from Sales-MarketingGroup forum. Even, this forum has given big impact on how they have shaped their career. This testimony really encourages us to keep the forum alive and try to share more as part of the spirit of the group: sharing for networking.

The more we share the more benefits we get...

Btw, kindly give applause again to those in "Top 10 Contributors 2013":
1. Selamat Sunarjo
2. Harianto R. Widjaja
3. Chandra Irawan
4. E Setio Dewo
5. Priyalinov
6. Alwyn Emmanuel
7. J Sofian Lusa
8. Stephanus Kurnianto
9. Fajar Adibowo
10. Iron B Widjaja


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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

What They Say... on The 8th Sales-MarketingGroup Member Gathering

In the “COMMENTS” menu below we can read some comments about Sales-MarketingGroup member gathering on 29 March 2014 at Coffee Club, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia. 
I quoted them from the discussion forum.
Please click the 'COMMENTS' menu below…

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The 8th Sales-MarketingGroup Annual Gathering

Hi Pak Harianto,

See you today pak at lunch time at Coffee Club, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Hi Pak Agung,
Thanks for registering pak.... Would be great to see you again today...

Hi all gathering participants,

Pls don't forget to come on time... at 12:00 pm. Pls bring with you your name card...

See you all at Coffee Club and @america!
We will enjoy an extraordinary day there...


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coach Indra Sjafri and Me...

Today I attended a yearly executive gathering in my office. One of the guest speakers in the program was Indra Sjafri, coach of Timnas (tim nasional) U-19 Garuda Muda. He told audience how he built the team with big idealism to have a world class football team. He worked with passion and big dream. I like this sharing very much as I experience almost similar case in my company when my top management assigned me to handle one of our company’s divisions which was in difficult situation for the last two years before I joined. His sharing ensured me that the way I have been practicing in managing my division since the last four years is correct. I have been working with passion, building a positive working atmosphere, launching a clear challenging vision and encouraging everybody to do their best. My team believe that our company could be their future. Many of them feel that our office is their second home!

A Sustainable Fantastic Growth

This morning I entered my company's plant  located at Delta Silicon Industrial Estate, Lippo Cikarang, West Java. I was not surprised to see that the production output was very fantastic (required more space) compared to the first time I entered the facility in early 2010. Why? Because the output (sales) result in January 2014 was five times versus the output (sales) in the same month in 2010. Hope we could make it sustainable for the rest of 2014. Then, we will make a real sustainable performance for five years!

Many people ask why my company could have very fantastic growth after my presence since January 2010. The answer is: that our team needs a leader with integrity who could lead the division with a clear challenging vision, encourage team members to perform their best in a positive company culture and ensure them that the company could be their better future! 

Thanks to all stake holders who make our dream comes true: our company is becoming bigger and bigger, and ready to be one of the best players in animal health business in Indonesia!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Combining Wooden Horse and Dog...

Hello Pak Selamat,

Thanks! Especially for your correction on the year 2526. Hmmm... It must be because of the crash program idea launched and my team was not aware of the numbers. Luckily this promo program was for colleagues in our company only. And, surprisingly, nobody gave feedback on the year as you did. But, a lot of positive responses from them to the promo program.

Our next step for Kalvidog promo would be aimed to pet lovers outside our company, thru our colleagues who had involved in the first promo program. I am quite sure the program would be successful.We will utilize the moment of Valentine's Day - a very memorable moment for many of us - to make pet lovers aware of Kalvidog.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

2565 is the Year of Wooden Horse, 2014 is the Year of KALVIDOG...

According to Chinese new year, 2565 is the Year of Wooden Horse. My company has a product for dog. It is a multi vitamin to make dog’s skin healthy and shiny. So, what is the relation between the two animals?
I launched the idea of combining the horse and the dog to my marketing team… and the result 
is... a greetings card broadcasted to our colleagues along with a product (Kalvidog) promo program. It’s fantastic… so many replies to our blast mail! We now have a data base of our colleagues who love dogs, ready to try the product and to receive future Kalvidog promo programs… 

A good opportunity to develop this small step to a great marketing program! 

Happy Chinese New Year 2656...

Dear Pak Wandy and Others,

Thanks for sharing!

I saw an ad of @ Alam Sutra saying there were lion dance shows every weekend by world well-known lion dance group. I don’t know whether the group was similar with the one you informed at Living World Alam Sutra. At least I enjoyed “ordinary” lion dance at two places: Pacific Place and Taman Anggrek Malls.

I have never seen lion (and dragon) dances at Chinese temples after I moved to Jakarta 22 years ago.

Talking about lion dance and imlek, I recall my experience with such situation when I was in high school and involved in Chinese new year’s dragon dance’s performance, not lion dance… I agree with the statement that the dances are merely a sport activity, not part of ritual activity even though my experience with dragon dance always related to performances in Chinese temples. It happened when I took kungfu martial art as my regular exercise. So interesting…

Back to lion dance and malls… It seems that no lion dances at malls during Chinese new year means less attractive the mall… That probably the fear of the marketing guys at malls…

Btw, I still have chance to see lion dance at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta , as the show here would be until 9 February 2014. You too…

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The First Day of The Year of Wooden Horse 2565

My son working in Singapore came to Jakarta with his two friends two days ago. Interesting to know that his friends are from China who – like him – studied at NUS (National University of Singapore) and now working in Singapore. They celebrated the year of wooden horse in Jakarta with our family at a dim sum restaurant yesterday.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello from Hongkong...

I am now in Hongkong, since last Saturday.
Yesterday I watched CNN and was surprised to know Jakarta is in its big yearly problem: flooding. I do hope you are all well. I remember last year Jakarta also in its same flooding problem on the day I left Jakarta for a 3-day visit to Singapore...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Attentive Salesperson...

Continuing my sharing below I wanna share again… but not about the IIMS. It's about… that finally I bought a non LCGC car… but a new Ford Fiesta 2013 (hmm… the governor of Jakarta must be happy to hear it because he does not like LCGC which - according to him - will worsen the traffic condition in Jakarta). The car is for my daughter… but of course I still can use it. I like this sport version of Fiesta. So, what’s interesting to share here about the car? Hmmm… it’s not about the car… It’s about how I am impressed with the salesperson who takes cares of me. His name is Andi from Ford showroom on Pluit.

He patiently communicated with me during pre selling, car delivery and the post selling. He said that in Ford everything related to customer order until the car delivery is under salesperson's responsibility. And, today he surprised me calling me asking if my car has already achieved 1,000 km drive. Wow...! I said, "Yes, around 1,100 km!" He asked me where I will bring the car for the first free service. I said, "Of course, Pluit! Next Saturday". Then he mentioned he will ask for the schedule and will inform me tomorrow whether the schedule will be  available for me next Saturday.

Two thumbs for Andi. A little surprise will give a deep impact on customer.