Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Happy Vesak Day 2559

Hi Guys,

I wanna say "Happy Vesak Day 2559" to you celebrating the Day.
I like this "greeting ad" from BMW and ASTRA:
So, let there be light even in the darkest place!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jakarta River Cruise...

Hi Pak Selamat, Pak Fajar and Others...

Good morning!

I am here invited by one of my principals to support their program during the exhibition. VIV Asia is an international exhibition for animal health business. This is my last day of my three-day visit to Bangkko.

I had a wonderful dinner in a boat on Chao Phraya river yesterday. From the boat we could see several interesting buildings on the river side such as the well-known Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). The food for the dinner was great. The tom yam soup was awesome...

I am imagining when Jakarta will have such tour on the river.... Some big cities already have, like the ones I have experience with: Singapore River Cruise and Seine River Cruise in Paris to enjoy the city and the Eiffel...


Friday, February 27, 2015

The 9th Sales-MarketingGroup Member Gathering

Hi Guys...

See you tomorrow... by the (Java) Sea!

Be ready @ 11:00 am!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The 9th Sales-MarketingGroup Member Gathering

Good morning everybody…

How are you doing?

I can’t wait to share:

“Sales, Marketing or Politics?”
(and to hear yours...)

on Feb 28, 2015!
@ OldTown White Coffee, Baywalk Mall, West Jakarta, INDONESIA
@ 11.00 – 14.00
-          Lunch networking
-          Sharing, sharing, sharing!!!

Btw, please don’t forget to transfer the registration fee Rp. 150.000,-  to BCA Ac/No: 0761.072.802, then please email to smg.resgistration@yahoo.com for confirmation report.

Registration fee time frame:
-          By Feb 27, 2015: Rp. 150.000,-
-          On site/Feb 28, 2015: Rp. 200.000,-

The updated participants:
-          Selamat Sunarjo…
-          Priya Linov
-          Iron B. Widjaja
-          Emanuel Setio Dewo…
-          Alwyn Emmanuel…
-          Santi…
-          Harianto Rickseir Widjaja: …
-          Fajar Adibowo…
-          Sisiani Halim…
-          Janto Djojo
-          Stephanus Kurnianto…
-          R. Suro Agung Setiyanto...
-          Who else?
-          ???
-          ??
-          ?

Hurry up! Hurry up!! Hurry up!!!

Sponsors (gimmicks, gifts, special gifts, vouchers, etc…) are welcomed!

A Scrapbook Maker Support

As of today I put my daughter's business as a supporter of this blog. Her business is making customized scrapbook which should be still categorized as SB (Small Business) since she does her business while studying business management at PPM School of Management.

Thanks for social media which bring her to an effective on-line business. She focuses on her Instagram account (www.instagram.com/scrapbook_maker) with around 5,000 followers more than her Facebook account (www.facebook.com/scrapbookmaker).

What support she could give to you? Kindly follow her instagram @scrapbook_maker and ask her for a scrapbook made customized specially for you or your beloved one... Click this link to know her masterpieces better. Ask her thru her instagram or facebook or BBM or Line or Whatsapp,

She could be your right choice for your scrapbook maker in need...

I like her motto:
Do with passion, serve with ❤ 

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year 2015...

Dear ALL,

Happy New Year 2015... Wishing you a better year both for your personal as well as your professional life.

The year 2014 for me is so bad that I hardly posted as many sharing as I have done in the previous years. I'd like to share my interesting professional experience during the last two years (especially the year 2014) to you when we have time... could be in our next member gathering, which would be probably on March 21, 2015. My story must be very interesting for those interested in management and leadership. A company could be in a dangerous situation when leaders play office politics unwisely.

Please wait for the gathering final announcement.

I do hope you had a wonderful year in 2014 and wish you all the best for 2015...


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jokowi’s Working Cabinet 2014-2019

Bravo Pak Jokowi!

I am pleased to hear your announcement on the Working Cabinet. I could see a better Indonesia in the next five years…

Let’s work together Bros and Sis!

Jokowi’s Working Cabinet 2014-2019:
1. Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno (former Navy chief of staff 2008-2009/NasDem Party top executive)
2. Coordinating Economic Minister Sofyan Djalil (former state-owned enterprises minister)
3. Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Indroyono Susilo (an executive with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
4. Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Puan Maharani (legislator/PDI-P top executive)
5. Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo (legislator/PDI-P top executive)
6. Foreign Minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi (Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands)
7. Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu (former Army chief of staff 2002-2004)
8. Law and Human Rights Minister Yasona H. Laoly (legislator/PDI-P politician)
9. Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro (deputy finance minister)
10. Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said (PT Pindad president/former PT Pertamina executive)
11. Industry Minister Saleh Husin (Hanura Party politician)
12. Trade Minister Rahmat Gobel (businessman)
13. Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya (NasDem politician/former civil servant)
14. Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman (Hasanuddin University lecturer)
15. Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister Ferry Musyidan Baldan (NasDem Party politician)
16. Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan (PT Kereta Api Indonesia president)
17. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti (owner of airline operator Susi Air)
18. Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri (PKB politician)
19. Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono (Public Works Ministry top official)
20. Health Minister Nila Moeloek (Indonesian representatives for MDGs)
21. Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Minister Anies Baswedan (Paramadina University rector).
22. Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indra Parawansa (former women’s empowerment minister).
23. Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin (current religious affairs minister)
24. Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara (PT Indosat commissioner, former top executives for PT Semen Indonesia, PT PLN, PT XL Axiata)
25. State Secretary Pratikno (Gadjah Mada University rector)
26. Research and Technology and Higher Education Minister M. Nasir (Diponegoro University rector)
27. Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Susana Yembise (Cendrawasih University lecturer)
28. Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy Chrisnandi (Hanura Party politician)
29. Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Minister Marwan Jafar (PKB politician)
30. National Development Planning Minister/National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) chief Andrinof Chaniago (University of Indonesia lecturer)
31. State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno (former trade minister 2001-2004/former PT Astra International president)
32. Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Minister AAGN Puspayoga (PDI-P politician)
33. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia president director)
34. Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi (PKB politician)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Congrats to the New Indonesian President and Vice President: Jokowi Widodo and Jusuf Kalla

I am so sure we are now - in Indonesia - feel better after the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced the official final vote tally and named Joko "Jokowi" Widodo president-elect with a total vote of 70,997,833, or 53.15 percent, on Tuesday evening (22/7/2014).

Congrats to our new President Joko Widodo and the new Vice President Jusuf Kalla!

Many things we could learn from the presidential election process in Indonesia this year. For the first time ever, we had two candidates in the face-to-face racing for the leader of the country position. Interesting to know how their national team campaigns tried to create the brand positioning with their unique selling propositions for both candidates. Also their marketing efforts…. I really want talk about it more but maybe later ya when I have more appropriate time to share…

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Indonesia's Presidential Election Day and the Google Doodle...

Good morning everybody!

Thank God it’s July 9, 2014! Today is the Presidential election day in Indonesia. Have you decided your candidate?

Btw, please look at today’s Google Doodle at www.google.co.id, then you will find some interesting updated news on the hottest issue in Indonesia today.

Some of them are:

- As Indonesian Election Day Approaches, Jokowi Draws Obama Comparisons

- Indonesia Elections, Jokowi, and Prabowo

- Indonesian election: Poll shows late Jokowi rebound, country braces for a close result

- Indonesian voters waver between new hope and return to old order

Happy voting!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

International Exhibition...

Dear Pak Stephanus, Pak Selamat and Others,

Again thanks Pak Stephanus for your sharing on your first experience in an international exhibition in Singapore: the CommunicAsia & Enterprise IT 2014.

I took part in an international expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1996 when I was still in my previous company, exhibiting our products: gelatin capsules, to our Malaysian pharmaceutical industry players as well as those from educational institutions. It’s great to talk to them about our products and to build networking with them.

Last week our company took part in Indolivestock  2014 exhibition held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, on June 18-20, 2014. It’s the fourth Indolivestock we participated in the last five years, since we aggressively “relaunched” one of Kalbe Farma’s hidden potential  division - KALBE Animal Health Division - to our stake holders in 2010. Last year we did not participate when the expo was held in Bali as the venue was not in livestock industry centers and… the booth was very expensive too… hehehe. Less participants in the expo in Bali

Exhibition is not just for selling. It could be a show on how strong our commitment to serve our customers as one of their solution providers…

Friday, June 06, 2014

A Great Business Dinner...

Good morning Friends,

I am now in Surabaya for a three-day business visit. Today is my last day here. I would like to share an interesting moment I had two days ago…..

It was a great business dinner two days ago at a hotel in Surabaya along with our core marketing team, two representatives of one of our principals (a Belgian and a Filipino) and four VIPs of our customer from France accompanied by their two Indonesian staffs. The program was started with a business presentation about our new product in a quite serious atmosphere, followed by dinner in a warm atmosphere. The discussion became more interesting when I finally I had chance to share my experience visiting Colmar, France, in 1996 on the last day of my one-week advanced marketing training in Basel, Switzerland. Going to Colmar from Basel through German territory in the morning and returned to Basel in the afternoon on the same day! I also talked about my experience traveling to some cities in south of France in 2009, started from cities in Italy (Milan, Venice, Genova), to some cities in France (Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Avignon, Perpigna) and ended in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Then I shared my trip in France in 2012 visiting Paris, Rennes, St. Malo and the wonderful Le Mont St. Michel. Our discussion became more interesting when I mentioned that the top leader of our customers’ face was similar to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Mr. Bond: Daniel Craig (Skyfall). He responded by saying that he's actually similar to a Canadian hockey player. Two other interesting topics were: the extension of the retirement age in France and the high tax rate in that country.

How great the business dinner was? From a serious business presentation continued with dinner in a warm atmosphere while talking about traveling, retirement age and tax rate, ending with my closing remarks emphasizing a hope for better collaboration for the benefit of all parties. Our VIP customers were very happy with the “gathering” and their Leader responded my closing remarks by saying his agreement if his company would use our new product as long as it’s for the benefit of all. What a wonderful words!

What a great business dinner…

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Edition

Dear Pak Selamat,

Congrats Pak for your new gadget! I was at BlackBerry booth around the time you were there, sorry I did not see you as I was there just for a few minutes asking some questions to Blackberry people. My opinion about Z3 is "Two Thumbs!" even though I did not buy the gadget.  The combination of Blackberry OS and android is a strength point for Z3. We could find many popular programs under android here. I predict its "value for money" would be well accepted by Indonesian market. 

But again, I am a little bit worry about Blackberry's strategy on its product after Z3. I quoted from an article at http://zeenews.india.com/business/gadgets/gadgets-news/blackberry-z3-low-cost-touchscreen-phone-launched-in-jakarta_99364.html:

Later this year, BlackBerry will launch a new, non-touchscreen device dubbed the BlackBerry Classic in partnership with Foxconn. The handset will see a return of the command keys that include `Menu,` `Back,` `Send` and `End` buttons, along with a trackpad. BlackBerry hopes the move will address the concerns of those users who found their new devices hard to navigate.

To me, that would be a disaster for Blackberry to come back in a touchscreen-dominated market with its old features... 

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